Armaria Data Systems

Fully integrated physician-centric design

WiseMd provides a state of the art platform to support the highest level of efficiency and patient care in an ambulatory setting. WiseMD was developed with practicing physicians to meet the demand of today’s ever changing medical environment with the increasing requirement for expanded documentation and reporting. In this environment, the key to your practices viability is maximizing the physician’s efficiency while maintaining the highest level of patient care.



  • Low Operational Cost

    WiseMD is a cloud based system. It can be accessed securely with most any computer that has internet access by downloading and installing a free Citrix client. This eliminates the need for expensive servers and networks and the ongoing cost of maintaining the onsite equipment.
  • No Initial Software Cost

    WiseMD is sold as a monthly service and does not require any initial software license. Clients are charged a monthly user based fee.
  • No Yearly Software Support Fees

    Unlike most systems that charge yearly software support and upgrade fees, WiseMD has no annual support or upgrade fees. Users will always have access to the most current version of the software.
  • Broad System Access

    The cloud based architecture allows authorized users the ability to securely access the system from any computer (vacation, home, remote clinic).
  • High Level of Availability and Data Protection

    WiseMD software and data is hosted by Venture Technologies a highly rated regional hosting service.
  • Fully Configurable

    The system can be configured to meet the needs of any specialty or individual physician.

The screens presented below highlight a few of the key features of WiseMD. To receive a detailed online system demonstration please contacts us.

  • Calendar Schedule
    The calendar scheduling screen gives the staff and physicians a comprehensive view of the upcoming appointment schedule. An icon based status indicator is attached to each patient.
  • Pending Events
    The pending events tab gives the physician or nurse a complete date based listing of open items that need attention. The tab will also provide a listing of completed items.
  • Messaging Screen
    The message function provides the physician or nurse with a tool to quickly and efficiently send messages to other users. The messaging function is integrated into the system and is activated when a procedure or task may require a message be forwarded to the radiology department, checkout desk for scheduling or referral appointments.
  • Master Problem List
    The Master Problem List gives the physician a quick summarized picture of patient’s medical history.
  • Vitals
    The Vitals Tab allows for the efficient entry and review of historical readings for a patient.
  • Physical Exam
    The Physical Exam tab is an efficient tool for documenting findings during examination process. This tab is configurable for specific specialties and physician preferences. It prompts the physician to accept or decline abnormal findings from previous visits. These findings are also compiled into a physician’s exam note.
  • Task Tab
    The Task tab gives the physician a central location to enter diagnosis, order labs, schedule procedures, manage and prescribe medications, and enter quality measures. Notes, electronic documents such as lab results, and scanned documents may also be added to each order.
  • Active Medications
    The Medications tab gives the physician a multi view function to manage and analyze patient’s medications. The status bars are color coded to show medications that need to be refilled or have expired.
  • Assessment & Plan
    The Assessment and Plan tab gives the physician an easy to use tool to enter the encounters billing level and document his treatment plan and results. Physicians may customize favorite dictation notes and assessments for quick selection into the plan.


WiseMD is a cloud based application that uses Citrix XenApp to deliver on-demand access to patient records by authorized users anywhere on any device. Patient and practice data is stored on a secure SQL server hosted by Venture Technologies.